Festival Ident

BFI FLARE Festival 2021

Client: British Film Institute 
Category: Branding
Year: 2021

Service: art direction, graphic design

Art direction and Design for British Film Institute Flare 2021 LGBTQIA+ film festival in London, UK

The concept reflects difficult times of unknown and consecutive lockdowns and first edition of festival happening solely in online realm. Through the symbolism of nacre and process of forming pearl the creative explores an idea of navigating obstacles with resilience - as individuals and as a community. (read more)

Art Direction: Anna Czuz, Leio Kirtley
Graphic design Anna Czuz, Santiago Avila
Motion: Santiago Avila, Leio Kirtley
Creative Direction: Aries Moross
Production: Ashleigh McPartland
Sound design: TR Bennett

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