Festival Ident

Parklife Festival 2021

Client: Parklife
Category: Festival Ident
Year: 2020-2021

Service: art direction, graphic design, illustration, lettering

Art Direction and illustration for Parklife Festival in Manchester, UK

 2021 theme for Parklife was the Gameshows! 

We launched the campaign with a short animated teaser and collaborated with an amazing illustrator Guy Field who’s been working with Studio Moross for the past, most memorable editions.


Hero Art

Social media announcements

Lineup Poster

Work created at  Studio Moross 
 Creative Direction Aries Moross 
 Art Direction
Anna Czuż 
Anna Czuż, Nick Greenbank,
Johnny Brennan, Wale Osunla 
Anna Czuż 
 Motion Lead
Santiago Avila 
Ashley Back 
 Hero Art Guy Field 

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