Festival Ident

Parklife Festival 2022

Client: Parklife
Category: Festival Ident
Year: 2021-2022

Service: art direction, graphic design, illustration, lettering

Art Direction, lettering and illustration for Parklife Festival in Manchester, UK

 Parklife 2022 theme is
Wanderlust, Travel and adventure. 

With fisheye perspective and radiant color palette we wanted to emphasize this uncontrolled, crave for travel after months of isolation. With the lineup poster decided to return to classic remarkable style of Parklife poster and go with flat colours and handdrawn-style imperfections

Campaign in collaboration with Guy Field

Hero Art

VIP Section

Lineup Poster

Work created at  Studio Moross 
Creative Direction Aries Moross 
Art Direction
Anna Czuż 
Anna Czuż, Johnny Brennan, Wale Osunla 
Anna Czuż, Johnny Brennan 
Motion Lead
Santiago Avila 
Hero Art Guy Field 

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