Pi Soki 

Client: Wiesław Czuz
Category: Branding
Year: 2015

Visual identity for my father’s passion: 
Handcrafted Biological apple juice.

Services: branding, graphic design

π Soki // local real apple juice manufacture.

The customer was Wiesław Czuz for whom taking care of apple orchard is a life passion; unfortunately, not connected with the main source of income.
Orchard-keeping as a hobby. And as we know, hobbies were never important enough to draw any designers’ attention.

The juice was produced on a small scale and on a low budget;  becomes a unique product distributed mainly among friends. The differences in the combinations of a strain of juice make each of the batch unique in taste and in colour.

Low circulation of eco friendly packaging: cardboard + graphics designed for DIY small scale production by the use of self made screen printing studio.

π Soki // local real apple juice manufacture.
* In Polish π is pronounced as in 'pea', therefore resembling the imperative form of 'to drink' (pij). π Soki was as a part of graduation project at University of Arts in Poznan, Poland

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