Music Venue Rebrand


Client: Roundhouse Camden
Category: Branding
Year: 2022

Service: art direction, graphic design

Art Direction and Design for rebrand  of Roundhouse
in London, UK

Following brand strategy „We Ignite” the concept represents the source of counterculture, vibrant energy and diverse audiences of this iconic powerhouse. Logo doesnt sit in fixed place anymore, but also acts like a hotspot, heating up with color neighbouring mage and text. The brand has many adaptable branches to address Roundhouse various programme strands (managed internally - like festivals, intranet or coworking spaces) as well as appeal to diverse gig fans and young people who seek music community and guidance in their music career.

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Leading with our new core brand colours, we wanted to evoke the fearless energy of light and passion, representing the Roundhouse mission as a haven for creative trailblazers, groundbreaking events and communities that are not afraid to start new initiatives.

The rebrand allows for freedom within external design preferences with an extended colour palette and diverse typeface selection. Centre-aligned masthead answers the need for accessibility and brand positioning when the logo isn’t powerful and visible enough.

There are two typefaces as part of visual identity:

OZIK (Nuform Foundry) is used in headlines, creating a more youthful and memorable vibe; whilst Works Sans (Wei Huang) is used for body copy, is more accessible and allows for focus on the messaging.

The Roundhouse logo is now rendered in the brand typeface, OZIK and comes in three brand colours. To represent the brand concept, we created a hotspot which lights up environments in other areas of design work. Dynamic gradients extend the idea of light beaming onto content.

Creative Direction
Aries Moross

Anna Czuż
Johnny Brennan
Pierce Cunnane
Lauren Davidson
Nick Greenbank
Aries Moross
Wale Osunla
Steph Roden

Santiago Avila

Print Production
Anna Czuż
Nick Greenbank
Aries Moross

Project Management
Ellen Morrison

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